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Why we launched Bub’s

Grandma Mildred (aka“Bubby”) was legendary for her unwavering kindness to all & for baking the most amazing treats anyone ever tasted.
With a recipe passed down from generations (a twist on the traditional version), when knishes were being served, friends & neighbors somehow always knew, randomly showing up at her house “just to say hello”. Everyone always left with full bellies & big smiles on their faces.
Bub’s Knishes was launched as a tribute to Grandma Mildred. We are now honoring her by making her amazing recipes available for all to enjoy just like we have for years.

Our Philosophy / Mission

Good food brings people together.  Laughter and storytelling keeps them at the table.   

Bub’s Knishes is an homage to our family traditions – countless meals spent around the table enjoying delicious food, sharing stories and laughing, a lot.
But just as Grandma Mildred shared her legendary food with neighbors, friends and even strangers, some of our most memorable meals were ones shared with people from different backgrounds.  
Our mission at Bub’s Knishes is to follow Grandma Mildred’s example – making delicious, locally sourced food that gives people a reason to come together, to connect, to share stories, and to create memories that last a lifetime.  



Knishes are made in a kitchen that also makes products containing eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat and crustaceans. All knishes (not including Impossible) are prepared with egg wash.