Why we launched Bub’s

Grandma Mildred (aka“Bubby”) was legendary for her unwavering kindness to all & for baking the most amazing treats anyone ever tasted.
With a recipe passed down from generations (a twist on the traditional version), when knishes were being served, friends & neighbors somehow always knew, randomly showing up at her house “just to say hello”. Everyone always left with full bellies & big smiles on their faces.
Bub’s Knishes was launched as a tribute to Grandma Mildred. We are now honoring her by making her amazing recipes available for all to enjoy just like we have for years.

Our Philosophy / Mission

We believe that knishes, a delicacy rich in heritage & flavor (specifically Grandma Mildred’s recipes), should be enjoyed by the masses. We’re passionate about producing delicious food & building lasting connections through shared experiences & content that resonates with people from varying backgrounds, ethnic groups & ages.

We also feel strongly about aligning our brand with individuals, groups & organizations who actively participate in positive community outreach & charitable initiatives.


Knishes are made in a kitchen that also makes products containing eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat and crustaceans. All knishes (not including Impossible) are prepared with egg wash.